Night Activities

Beer Killer Bar Crawl

A great way to wind down and discuss the victories and failures of the day will be to go out drinking and with a guided pub crawl in the offing it is something to look forward to.

Beer Killer Bar Crawl | Night Activities | Weekend In Riga

Casino Night

When you make your visit to Riga there will be the chance to visit the casino and who knows, you or one of the group could win the cost of the trip or more.

Casino Night | Night Activities | Weekend In Riga

Guided Bar Crawl

If you don’t want to go on the longest search for the right pubs then the guided tour will be ideal for you. Nothing is missing when it comes to fun and frolics, but it is just that little less intense than some of the others.

Guided Bar Crawl | Night Activities | Weekend In Riga

Handcuffed Midget

If you like rolling on the floor laughing, then the Handcuffed Midget prank is one that your weekend in Riga needs. Spend the night in Riga with a Handcuffed Midget for both a good laugh and some new company. Drag the Handcuffed Midget with you to all your activities in Riga for the evening and enjoy the company of a fun-loving midget for an expert local guide and a friend!

Handcuffed Midget | Night Activities | Weekend In Riga

Lesbian Party Bus

Kick your weekend in Riga off to the perfect start! Make your first night in Riga extremely memorable when you book a Lesbian Party Bus to get your Riga party weekend on the go! Take the scenic route and see the city as it comes to life in the night. Make stops at party spots along the way or keep your party rolling on your weekend in Riga with friends.

Lesbian Party Bus | Night Activities | Weekend In Riga

Limo Night Club Tour

Once in the limousine you will be driven to one of the best nightclubs that can be found in Riga. Visits will be made to three of the best nightclub, with the limo being the mode of transport to take you between them.

Limo Night Club Tour | Night Activities | Weekend In Riga

Limo With Stripper

There are a number of events where you can go and visit a stripper, but this is one with a difference. You don’t have to get out of the vehicle as the stripper comes to you.

Limo With Stripper | Night Activities | Weekend In Riga

Man Cave Hire

If you and the lads are no longer into the loud bars and clubs but you still want an equally epic Riga party weekend, then you’re best off making arrangements for a Man Cave Hire. You can do all the activities in Riga in the comfort of a private lounge! No need to deal with obnoxious drunk strangers or getting lost in a foreign city. Enjoy your weekend in Riga!

Man Cave Hire | Night Activities | Weekend In Riga

Meal & Strip Dinner

Knowing where to eat when you are visiting a place for the first time can be tricky and it is more than helpful when there is someone prepared to take all the research out of the night out and take you directly to the top place there is.

Meal & Strip Dinner | Night Activities | Weekend In Riga

Medieval Banquet

Not all nights have to be spent in bars and dancing clubs, but can be spent in a much more relaxed atmosphere where there is a meal involved as well as alcohol.

Medieval Banquet | Night Activities | Weekend In Riga

Naked Body Sushi

For a wildly unique dining experience on your upcoming weekend in Riga, sign up for a Naked Body Sushi experience. Eat freshly made and masterfully crafted sushi off of a naked model for your night in Riga. The naked lady will be covered with delicately laid out flowers and leaves to make sure your dining experience is a pleasurable experience through and through. Here’s to an unforgettable weekend in Riga!

Naked Body Sushi | Night Activities | Weekend In Riga

Night Club VIP Entry

The one thing that can be guaranteed that a big weekend away needs a great place to spend the evenings. The activities of the day can really take it out off the group and the last thing that is needed is time wasted looking for a night club and then queuing to get in.

Night Club VIP Entry | Night Activities | Weekend In Riga

Night Club VIP Table

When you don’t want to arrange your own night out in a nightclub this is the great way to still enjoy a night in the town. Your group will be taken to a nightclub where there will be no need to wait in line regardless of how long the queue is.

Night Club VIP Table | Night Activities | Weekend In Riga

Nightlife Tour

Rather than try and find the pubs where you will get the best welcome, the tour has been arranged for you. From the minute your guide picks you up, the evening is going to be one big happy party.

Nightlife Tour | Night Activities | Weekend In Riga

Oil Wrestling Party

We know that booking activities in Riga can be quite a challenge if you don’t know where to start looking, but when you have the option of booking an insane Mud/Oil Wrestling Party, that’s something you don’t need to spend a second thinking about! Make your weekend in Riga extra memorable with wildly stimulating and titillating activities for your much awaited Riga party weekend celebration like the Mud/Oil Wrestling Party!

Oil Wrestling Party | Night Activities | Weekend In Riga

Party Bus VIP Tour

This Party Bus VIP Tour is perfect for the all out party animals who love to have their enormous party on wheels while touring the night scenes offered by Riga.

Party Bus VIP Tour | Night Activities | Weekend In Riga

Sauna Strip Party

Everyone loves a pool party, but this is a pool party with a difference. Along with your friends there is a fun packed two hours while there is time spent in a sauna and steam room.

Sauna Strip Party | Night Activities | Weekend In Riga

Steak Dinner

While it can be lovely to enjoy the cuisine of the country that you visit, there are times when it is only a great steak that will hit the spot.

Steak Dinner | Night Activities | Weekend In Riga

Strip Club VIP Entry

Riga has some amazing Strip Clubs, and the one that is chosen is among the best and it is likely that you will return to it when there is the chance later on in the holiday.

Strip Club VIP Entry | Night Activities | Weekend In Riga

Traditional Dinner

Although the well know expression is when in Rome, it can be equally relevant when in Riga. Riga has some beautiful restaurants and many of them serve authentic Latvian food.

Traditional Dinner | Night Activities | Weekend In Riga