3 Star Budget Hotel

Budget 3 star hotels usually have discounted rates according to the facilities and amenities they offer. However, just because the hotel rate is reduced than its original price does not mean that the hotel facilities and accommodations are also downgraded.

3 Star Budget Hotel | Accommodation | Weekend In Riga

3 Star Hotel

A three star hotel means comfortable accommodation with the standard services such as breakfast buffet, credit cards services, in house sanitary products like toothbrush, bathing essence or shower gel, reading light installed next to the bed, etc provided.  Breakfast is there for those who can get up on time.

3 Star Hotel | Accommodation | Weekend In Riga

4 Star Hotel

Our four star hotels in Riga are considered first class hotels or first class superior if the star rating has an S at the end. Basic amenities and services includes 24 hours reception services with 24 hours phone access from inside and outside.

4 Star Hotel | Accommodation | Weekend In Riga


This top quality Riga city center hostel offers budget-concentrated, friendly lodging with a bed, normally a bunk bed, in a dorm. Located only two minutes from all the  nightlife and priced so good we are bascilly giving it away.


Hostel | Accommodation | Weekend In Riga

Your own accommodation

Your selected accommodation.

Your own accommodation | Accommodation | Weekend In Riga