Day activities

Stripper Yacht

What can be better than spending part of the weekend in Riga than sailing around on a yacht?  If you are here between May and September you will have the opportunity of experiencing this for yourself.

Stripper Yacht | Weekend In Riga

Outdoor Go-Karting

If you thought that outdoor go-karting would be a nice bit of fresh air and the chance to blow away the cobwebs from the night before then you really don't have to think again.

Outdoor Go-Karting | Weekend In Riga

Outdoor Paintball

Run around shooting your mates with loads of paint (500 paintballs) in a fun game. Feel the rush of simulated battle as you fight for victory. Included is 400 paintballs, equipment, instructor, roundtrip transfer and a guide.

Outdoor Paintball | Weekend In Riga

Quad Biking

If you have ever watched a film where there are people on quad bikes, racing across the flat surface or storming their way through sand dunes, it is bound to be something you want to try.

Quad Biking | Weekend In Riga

Summer Bobsleigh

For those holidaying in Riga, there is no messing around on small tracks, as you will soon find yourself careering down an Olympic bobsleigh track. Adrenaline will be rushing all over your body as you and your friends are rushing down the track.

Summer Bobsleigh | Weekend In Riga

Shooting 6 Guns

After the thrill and excitement of the shorter gun packages there is the ultimate 6 gun shooting experience. With this 6 gun package you get to shoot a wide range of weapons and for the really accurate marksman the chance to give Rambo a run for his money (guns might be switched to similar ones). 

Shooting 6 Guns | Weekend In Riga

Water Jetpack

Just when you thought you had done it all but then you hear about the Water Jetpack experience.. It may seem as if it is an event for the future, but you can take part in it here and now.

Water Jetpack | Weekend In Riga
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Create Your
Own Package

Have a fun filled day indoor karting with your friends and enjoy the best pub crawl and strip clubs at night. We are at your disposal and we guarantee to provide all these adventures for you. Create your own package that is all inclusive of exciting nightlife tours in Riga’s best pub district. Experience hours of guided pub crawl with visits to top four pubs in the area.

Get unlimited access to Riga’s best lap dance and strip club and enjoy unrestricted nightclub entry with cue jump. No more waiting in line for hours just for you to be able to enter one particular nightclub.

<strong>Create</strong> Your <br> Own <strong>Package</strong>

Night activities

Casino Night

When you make your visit to Riga there will be the chance to visit the casino and who knows, you or one of the group could win the cost of the trip or more.

Casino Night | Weekend In Riga

Guided Bar Crawl

If you don’t want to go on the longest search for the right pubs then the guided tour will be ideal for you. Nothing is missing when it comes to fun and frolics, but it is just that little less intense than some of the others.

Guided Bar Crawl | Weekend In Riga

Night Club VIP Entry

The one thing that can be guaranteed that a big weekend away needs a great place to spend the evenings. The activities of the day can really take it out off the group and the last thing that is needed is time wasted looking for a night club and then queuing to get in.

Night Club VIP Entry | Weekend In Riga

Strip Club VIP Entry

Riga has some amazing Strip Clubs, and the one that is chosen is among the best and it is likely that you will return to it when there is the chance later on in the holiday.

Strip Club VIP Entry | Weekend In Riga

Meal & Strip Dinner

Knowing where to eat when you are visiting a place for the first time can be tricky and it is more than helpful when there is someone prepared to take all the research out of the night out and take you directly to the top place there is.

Meal & Strip Dinner | Weekend In Riga

Party Bus VIP Tour

This Party Bus VIP Tour is perfect for the all out party animals who love to have their enormous party on wheels while touring the night scenes offered by Riga.

Party Bus VIP Tour | Weekend In Riga

Nightlife Tour

Rather than try and find the pubs where you will get the best welcome, the tour has been arranged for you. From the minute your guide picks you up, the evening is going to be one big happy party.

Nightlife Tour | Weekend In Riga
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Weekend packages

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Airport & Hotel

Our transfers provide accessible pick up and drop off points to all our guests. You can choose your own pickup point which is right up the road where private and public transportation typically pass by or you can opt for a more popular place where almost anyone knows how to get there.

Experience the exciting activities in Riga and we will make sure to make it as convenient as possible as soon as you arrive with our return transfer offering.

Nothing makes a vacation getaway as hassle and stress free than having a ready transportation to pick you up and bring you to your destination as soon as you disembark from your airplane.

Airport & Hotel <br> <strong>Transfers</strong>

In Riga

When you book any event with us, we guarantee to provide you the best accommodation option available for your group. Riga is popular for its array of three to five star hotels as well as other accommodation options that is suitable for the clientele’s taste. Riga has a wide range of overnight and weekend stay accommodations.

We are proud to inform that these standards are guaranteed to abide by the existing EU certification standards for the said industry.

Book your accommodation with us and we will make sure you to have the most wonderful weekend stay in Riga.

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