Handcuffed Midget

When planning a weekend in Riga with friends, it’s important to keep in mind that there are a ton of activities in Riga you can book for any occasion. The problem with all the available activities in Riga is that there are too many of them and you’re going to want to do them all.

We don’t blame you but we have to be realistic here. Your weekend in Riga is only going to last a few short days so you have to make sure that you pick the best ones out to make every night in Riga one for the books.

If you like pranking your friends and enjoying a good laugh, then booking a Handcuffed Midget will be the ultimate prank to pull! This is made even better if you’re coming to celebrate a Riga party weekend for someone’s birthday. If not, you can simply choose who gets to be the unlucky one of you that will need to drag a Handcuffed Midget with them for the next two hours.

With a Handcuffed Midget prank, you can take your night in Riga to the next level. How? Well, the Handcuffed Midget is actually an expert guide and can take you to the best places for an epic weekend in Riga. Not only that, your Handcuffed Midget also has a bubbly personality that will make sure that tagging him along won’t ever feel like a burden.

Look no further for activities in Riga to make you upcoming weekend a blast!


  • Handcuffed Midget hire for 1 hour
  • English Speaking Guide


1 hour


Riga Old Town


All Year

from € 29 per person

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