Party Bus VIP Tour

When the gang want to go out together a great way for your group to do the same thing will be for the Party Bus VIP Tour to be the place you spend a couple of hours. The sites of Riga will look so different by night and if you feel you have seen all that you want to see out of the window, then turn you view inside the bus as there are two strippers provided for your entertainment. A guide will collect you and make sure that you get safely to the bus in time for the start of the trip. 

As there will not be a bar while you are on the bus, there are 10 bottles of bubbly provided. This should be enough so make sure that the girls do not get forgotten and they are offered a glass. The stripping part of the journey will last for 15 minutes so plenty of time to see what is going on and get a few pictures. Once the tour has finished, the rest of the night is yours and as you will have already had a few drinks, it should work out to be quite economical.


  • 1 Hour Party Bus Tour
  • 10 Bottles of Bubbly
  • 2 Strippers To Perform For The Group
  • English Speaking Guide
  • Complimentary Bar Crawl For Groups Over 15 People


2.5 hours


Take camera with you!


Riga City Centre And Old Town


All Year Round

from € 55 per person

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