Riga Clubbing Weekender

This package is inclusive of two night accommodation with breakfast at the 3 star hotel. There are no daytime activities for this package but at night, you can enjoy Riga’s best nightlife experience. Riga is popular for its crazy but exciting night life. Also, your weekend in Riga will not be complete if you miss the guided pub crawl!

Riga Clubbing Weekender | Packages | Weekend In Riga

Paints And Pubs Weekend

Make your Weekend In Riga filled with action and adrenaline. Feel the rush as you strategize with your friends on how to outsmart your enemy. Paintballing has never been this fun and to further up the notch, the location is on an abandoned and old soviet warehouse.

Paints And Pubs Weekend | Packages | Weekend In Riga

Bars And Bullets In Riga

If you haven’t fired a real gun before with real bullets, this is the most opportune time for you to experience a once in a lifetime action packed adventure with real guns. Visit Riga’s fully equipped locally owned indoor shooting range. Get yourself taught by a professional on how to properly and safely handle and shoot a gun of your choice.

Bars And Bullets In Riga | Packages | Weekend In Riga

Booze And Karting Weekend

Can you drive like a pro?

Having a wonderful Weekend in Riga with your friends does not mean spending the entire weekend inebriated and passed away drunk on some random bar. Put a twist on your party and make sure the day time activity you choose will truly entertain you and your friends.

Booze And Karting Weekend | Packages | Weekend In Riga

Quads And Nightlife

Planning a very unique and truly exciting weekend with your friends? Take an advantage of the opportunity to enjoy quad biking on Latvian outdoors. These exciting things can be made possible on your Weekend in Riga.

Quads And Nightlife | Packages | Weekend In Riga

Cool Runnings Weekend

If you are looking for a real adventure ride, you must try hurling down a frozen track in a bobsled. If you enjoy intense speed and gut wrenching turns, then this thrilling bobsled package will definitely complete your day. The bobsled track is 1420 m long with up to 16 sharp curves and highest possible speed can reach up to 100 km/h.

Cool Runnings Weekend | Packages | Weekend In Riga