Naked Body Sushi

You and your friends are planning to spend a weekend in Riga and you want to make sure that the entire time you’re in the city, you’re making memories that you will look back at with excitement, laughter and fondness. That’s easy to do when you’re working with a professional to plan your upcoming weekend in Riga.

Spend your weekend in Riga with friends doing something totally bizarre and interesting. Dine in a private lounge, away from the prying eyes of strangers and spend a night in Riga with a Naked Body Sushi experience.

To many, it is absolutely mind blowing to think that they can eat the Japanese cuisine off of a naked woman! To most, it’s so new and unique that they freeze up and end up taking their time to indulge on the Naked Body Sushi experience.

No matter how many reviews you’ll read about the Naked Body Sushi activities in Riga, you’ll never really know what its like unless you try it out for yourselves!

Make this weekend in Riga about trying out new things and exposing yourselves to the finer things in life!

Mind you, the Naked Body Sushi is an exclusive event that is meant for the appreciation of the food and the female anatomy. Rest assured the woman will be clean and covered properly to avoid contamination.


  • Venue hire
  • Sushi dinner from a naked model
  • One Beer each
  • English Speaking Guide


2 hours


Riga Old Town


All Year

from € 45 per person

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