Traditional Dinner

Although the well know expression is when in Rome, it can be equally relevant when in Riga. Riga has some beautiful restaurants and many of them serve authentic Latvian food. It may not be a cuisine that you are used to, but there is plenty of choice and it would be just wrong to go home and not to have tried any of the local food. As ever there is a guide to come and collect you and walk you to the restaurant and this time they will be English speaking. This will help if there are certain thinks that you cannot eat and it would spoil the night if you had something you were allergic to.

The meal that is cooked for you will be two courses and a beer is also available. If you want to be sure that you are going to get music while you are there then it must be a Friday when you visit as that is the night when the music is guaranteed. There is a limit to the time that you will be able to stay in the restaurant and that is around 2 hours but as there is so much to do in Riga you are bound to want to go on to another venue.


  • English Speaking Guide
  • Walk to Restaurant
  • Latvian Traditional two-courser
  • One Beer Or one Glass Of House Vine Per Person


2 hours


On Weekends there is a live band playing.


Riga City Centre


All Year Round

from € 48 per person

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