Beer Killer Bar Crawl

So the day’s activities are over and you need something to do during the night. A great way to wind down and discuss the victories and failures of the day will be to go out drinking and with a guided pub crawl in the offing it is something to look forward to. There will be a glamorous female guide provided for the tour and she will take you into the Old Town where you can see the best of the nightlife. From the time you leave the hotel to the time you are left to enjoy the rest of the night it will be a time to laugh, joke and remember why you are there. 

You will go into at least 3 pubs during the tour and there will be 3 free beers lined up for you while you are there – three a night not in each pub. The guide will speak English so can tell you about the pub you are in and also a little about the drinks on offer. As there are drinks provided, it is important that you turn up more or less sober or there may be concerns about providing you with the free beverages and that will not do.


  • Lovely English Speaking Guide
  • 3 Beers Per Person
  • 4 hour Pub Crawl
  • Minimum 3 Pubs Or Bars Visit
  • Great Memories
  • Awesome Atmosphere


4 hours


Try to come sober :)


Riga City Centre And Old Town


All Year Round

from € 21 per person

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