Man Cave Hire

If you’re planning a weekend in Riga with friends to escape the stressful environment of your offices, then you’re in good hands. We have just the thing to make sure that your night in Riga is one that will take you far away from the real world you traveled to escape from!

Don’t think about anything except for having fun on your much awaited and well-deserved Riga party weekend. As much as heading out to bars and clubs can be exciting, making arrangements for a Man Cave Hire is becoming the popular option! These days you can opt out of the loud parties and host a party of your own with a Man Cave Hire.

The Man Cave Hire allows you to spend the night in Riga in a room full of things that you and the lads will absolutely love doing. Expect a pool table in the middle of the room and a bar stocked full of the best drinks in the city. Lounge on couches and sip on your ice cold beverages as you chill out and enjoy your Man Cave Hire.

The Man Cave Hire is perfect for a weekend in Riga that’s meant for relaxing and having fun!

There are all sorts of activities in Riga that will let you enjoy the company of your friends and still enjoy the evening with booze and games! This is just one of them!


  • Private Game Room Hire
  • One beer and shot each
  • Variety of games (Pool Table, Darts and etc. )


2 hours


Riga Old Town


All Year

from € 15 per person

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