Night Club VIP Entry

The one thing that can be guaranteed that a big weekend away needs a great place to spend the evenings. The activities of the day can really take it out off the group and the last thing that is needed is time wasted looking for a night club and then queuing to get in. Once this event is booked all you have to do is arrive back at the hotel and then get ready for a night on the town. To book the trip you need 8 of you and that is a great number to make sure that the night goes with a swing.

Once at the club – and remember this is going to be one of the top night clubs in Riga – you will be whisked away from the crowds and allowed to enter without having to queue as all of your names will appear on the guest list. Once in place you can stay for the evening and enjoy the music and drink the night away. It is important that you do not arrive at the night club having had too much to drink already as there are strict regulations about letting in people who are drunk. Leave the drinking until you are inside!!


  • English Speaking Guide
  • Nightclub Arranged Entrance
  • Great Atmosphere


Till the sun rises!


Do not come too drunk to do not be turned down.


Riga City Centre


All Year Round

from € 9 per person

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