Medieval Banquet

Not all nights have to be spent in bars and dancing clubs, but can be spent in a much more relaxed atmosphere where there is a meal involved as well as alcohol. The restaurant is located in the heart of the Old Town Riga, which gives even more authentic feel. The entire event is reminiscent of the medieval times and this is the layout, the costumes and the menu. You will dine as if you are a knight in olden days and it will be an evening you will long remember. The two course meal is eaten by candle light and this includes a starter, a main course, and a beer each.

The event will take around 2 hours and during the night there will be beer and two course meal provided. As your table has been reserved there is no need to worry that you will be separated from your friends. Once you are fully fed and have had something to drink, you will be able to venture forth into the night and continue enjoying yourself in the more modern surroundings of other city centre venues.


  • Reserved Table
  • 2 Course Medieval Banquet
  • 1 Lager


2 hours


Riga Old Town


All Year Round

from € 79 per person

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