Quad Biking

If you have ever watched a film where there are people on quad bikes, racing across the flat surface or storming their way through sand dunes, it is bound to be something you want to try. In Riga there is the opportunity to race against your friends and feel the wind blowing through your hair – or at least past your helmet. You will be fully protected with the equipment provided and if you have not ridden before plenty of advice will be given.

The 30 minutes you spend on the Honda and Yamaha bikes will stay with you, and while you are enjoying the experience, don’t forget you are being timed. There will be a winner in this event and you will want it to be you. You could have a little wager on it before you start, but that will not add anything to the excitement. The track is new so in excellent condition and you will be riding through the fields and forests for around about 3 miles. Don’t forget you are doing this against the clock.

Once you have finished there you will be transported back to your hotel.


  • 30 min on track
  • Saftey Equipment
  • Instructions
  • Return transfers
  • English Speaking Guide


2 hours


Bring Some Dry Clothes


15 km Out Of Riga

from € 65 per person

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