Shooting 6 Guns

After the thrill and excitement of the shorter gun packages there is the ultimate 6 gun shooting experience. With this 6 gun package you get to shoot a wide range of weapons and for the really accurate marksman the chance to give Rambo a run for his money. Book this now and get the chance to shoot six different guns that include 5 shots from the Glock 17, 5 shots from the Winchester Pump-Action Shotgun, 10 shots from the Russian TT, 10 shots from Pistol CZ - 75, 5 shots from the Bushmaster and last but not least you get 10 shots from the famous AK47.

As you would expect there is an instructor and safety equipment provided. While 45 bullets are a lot, there is the chance to buy more if you want to carry on for longer. Included in the price is the service of a guide and return transfers. This is an hour and a half that you will all talk about well after the wedding has been attended.


  • 6 guns
  • 45 Rounds each
  • Safety Equipement
  • Instructor
  • Return transfers
  • English Speaking Guide


1.5 Hrs


Additional rounds of bullets can be purchaised on site.



from € 102 per person

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