Shooting 6 Guns

After the thrill and excitement of the shorter gun packages there is the ultimate 6 gun shooting experience. With this 6 gun package you get to shoot a wide range of weapons and for the really accurate marksman the chance to give Rambo a run for his money. The six guns are a Glock 17 and you get 11 bullets for this, then the Winchester Pump Action Shotgun, where 5 bullets are provided. Next is the Russian TT and 10 bullets followed by a Revolver where you have 10 bullets. The final two are the Spas 15 where you get 5 bullets and last of all, the gun everyone will have heard about, the AKA 47 where there are 6 bullets.

As you would expect there is an instructor and safety equipment is provided. A bottle of Champagne is provided for the winner and while 47 bullets are a lot, there is the chance to buy more if you want to carry on for longer. Included in the price is the service of a guide, and transfers from the venue and then back to the hotel. This is an hour and a half that you will all talk about well after the wedding has been attended.


  • 6 guns
  • 45 Rounds each
  • Safety Equipement
  • Instructor
  • Return transfers
  • English Speaking Guide
  • Bubbly for the winner


1.5 Hrs


Additional rounds of bullets can be purchaised on site.



from € 98 per person

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