Limo With Stripper Airport Transfer

If you are on a Weekend in Riga there are bound to be a lot of events that will include drinking and strippers so why not start as soon as you land on Latvian soil. Whenever you visit Riga, you and your friends can make the most of the limo airport transfer with a difference. Many of the transfers will involve drink, but there are not many that will let you start off with your first experience of a stripper. How else would you choose to start your Weekend In Riga if you were given the choice? 

This is a one way transportation and can work either way. You can get picked up at the beginning or can end your trip this way, as you can go to the airport from the hotel. Once you are in the limo, the bubbly will begin to flow and the stripper will give her performance. It will take around an hour. In case there are concerns that the bubbly will not last, you are able to take your own drink in the limo with you, but remember the limo may be well equipped but it is not fitted with a toilet.


  • Greeting Service
  • English Speaking Guide
  • Striptease Performance
  • One Way Limo Transfer
  • Beer Or  Bubbly On Board
  • No Extra Charges If Your Flight Is Delayed Or Canceled
  • Attention
  • Punctuality
  • Safety
  • Comfort


1.5 Hrs


Additional stripper is available for an extra cost.

from € 35 per person

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