Cool Runnings Weekend

If you are looking for a real adventure ride, you must try hurling down a frozen track in a bobsled. If you enjoy intense speed and gut wrenching turns, then this thrilling bobsled package will definitely complete your day. The bobsled track is 1420 m long with up to 16 sharp curves and highest possible speed can reach up to 100 km/h. It is one thing every speed buff desires to try and absolutely a great way to get that quintessential adrenaline rush! Even in the course of the summer, you can experience the speed of hurtling down the bobsled track at 80 kilometers per hour. On summer time you can team up with a skilled driver in a customized bobsled on wheels.

Like with other packages, you can also enjoy the real Riga nightlife with four hours of guided pub crawl including visits to the top four pubs in the area. Enjoy access to Riga’s best striptease club not to mention nightclub entry with q-jump. No more waiting in line for hours just for you to be able to enter one particular nightclub. With our guided night tour, you are always the priority.

Make your Weekend In Riga the most unforgettable moment of your life. Deviate from the ordinary party celebration but instead, gather your friends and choose the most ideal Riga Weekend Package for you.

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2 Days And 2 Nights

from € 232 per person

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