Zorbing And Rotoring

Ok, hands up everyone who knows what Zorbing is? It will be a good bet that there are not that many people who do, but once you have experienced it, it is not something you will forget. It is an event that will turn you into a human hamster. If you are in Riga between May and September, this is an event you should not miss. 

You get a much better deal than the hamster does, as he only gets to run around in his wheel and does not get anywhere. You get to see a lot of the countryside and you can take part either on dry land or on water. You won’t forget how it feels to tumble down hills in the giant plastic ball, and will also work out the men from the boys. Just hear your friends scream as they tumble faster and faster.

If you book this activity you get three events in one. After you come out of the wheel, you get to ride on a toboggan and you get two goes at this. Then just before you leave there is a 10 minute bungee jump session. Again this is bound to make many scream. The event last 3 and a half hours and includes an English speaking guide and transfers.


  • Return Transfers
  • English Speaking Guide
  • 1 Ride in Zorb
  • 2 Rides on Toboggan
  • 10 minutes of Fun Bungee Jumping


3.5 hours


Catering is availible onsite for an extra cost.


25 km Out Of Riga


May To October

from € 39 per person

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