Sup Boards

There are all sorts of activities in Riga that you and your friends can book which will take your weekend to the next level. Booking a day out in the water to go on Sup Boards is definitely one of the things that will make your weekend in Riga even more exciting!

But what are Sup Boards? If you’ve never heard of Sup Boards before, you’re in luck because you’re about to learn all about them right now. Sup Boards look just like surf boards and instead of riding them out in the ocean on some gnarly waves, you have to balance yourselves and stand up on them, hence the word, Sup.

Sup Boards are used in calmer waters, making sure that you have enough tranquility to actually get up on them and stay up. How is that any fun, you might ask? Well, once you’ve got the Sup Boards down, you can play all sorts of water activities with your paddles. You can race your friends and have the time of your lives!

Get yourselves out in the water and on those Sup Boards for the weekend in Riga and leave the city with the perfect tan. Book your Sup Boards experience and other activities in Riga today!


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2 hours




May to September

from € 28 per person

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