Snowmobile Safari

For this you need to go outside Riga, but not very far. As there will not be many people who have taken part in this activity before, there is plenty of time allowed for instructions as it is not the sort of thing that you can do without advice. Once it has been determined that you know what needs to be done, you will be allowed 15 minutes riding a snowmobile with a friend as a passenger. Once that time is up, the two people swap over so all in all there is 30 minutes of fun and excitement on the snowmobile.

There are a number of snowmobiles although the group will be split up. While some are taking part on the safari, the rest will be able to watch how well their friends are doing, and plan the tactics they will use to make sure that they are better than them when it is their turn. While they will be desperate to get out on the snow and take their turn they will be comfortable in the hall provided, especially as there is a light snack provided. As with other snow based events it is between December and February that this can be booked, and all transfers and equipment is provided, plus a guide.


  • Snowmobile Hire
  • Track hire
  • All Equipment
  • Return Transfers
  • English speaking guide
  • Light lunch


3 hours


Bring Some Warm Clothes


15 km Out Of Riga

from € 112 per person

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