Husky Dog Sledding

The Husky Dog Sledding takes place in Latvia's mesmerizing winter wonderland like countryside. The sled track is about five kilometers long and the entire adventure can take about four hours including brief training and instructions before hitting the trail. Two persons will be on each sled and compare to a bobsled adventure, you and your buddy will be able to explore the beauty of Latvian outdoors on winter. Book this winter activity with us and we will guarantee you to have a well organized and fun experience with your friends.

Book this now and get to know the Latvia’s wilderness and experience being a real musher by driving the dog sled. When you visit Riga, you do not have to spend all your day snowboarding or skiing. Dog sledding is your chance to experience something unusual and more exciting. Complete your day by driving a dog sled powered by Siberian Huskies and enjoy the outdoor adventure offered by Latvia’s countryside.

This will not be just a simple husky dog sledding experience but also a chance to discover an element of Latvia and get to know more about the history of dog sledding and its importance to this country. Enjoy the beautiful forest with your friends and have a taste of traditional Latvian goods.


  • Return Transport
  • English Speaking Guide
  • Training Time
  • 4km Sledding


3 Hours


Don’t wash your face the morning of your dog sledding experience.


15 km Out Of Riga


December to February

from € 125 per person

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