Riga Code Game

Have an exciting and educational weekend in Riga with friends when you sign up for the exciting Riga Code Game. This is one of the activities in Riga that are made for big groups of around 20 and more. It entails going around the historical city of Riga and visiting certain landmarks for you to both learn and appreciate.

Sure, you’re here to celebrate a Riga party weekend but it never hurt to take a tour of your host city in an interesting way. The Riga Code Game is the best way to learn about the city and makes a day well spent.

Find out how well you and your friends work as a team on this challenging experience of solving problems, answering questions, and breaking codes! If your initial strategy doesn’t work, you have to think and act fast to change it or else you won’t be able to claim first prize!

The Riga Code Game is perfect for any weekend in Riga since you have the freedom to customize it. You can tell us how you want your custom Riga Code Game to go and we’ll make it happen!

Is anyone celebrating a birthday? Do you want maximum learning or loads of laughter? Let us know what you’re in Riga for and we’ll help you build the best Riga Code Game possible!

For an unforgettable weekend in Riga, make sure to book activities that let you hit two important birds with just one stone!


  • 2 hour city game experience
  • Game Instructions and tablets
  • Game Instructor


2.5 hours


Riga City Centre


All Year

from € 34 per person

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