Latvian Beer Tasting

If you are on a weekend away in Riga, it is more than likely that there will be plans to sink a fair few pints. When you are in Riga, there is the chance to mix that desire with a beer tasting session meaning that you can discover beers that you would not find any other way. You will be taken to the best pub that Riga has to offer and as part of the session you can try 4 different Latvian beers.

Once you have been escorted to the pub, you will be taken to your reserved table and the fun can begin. With this event there is no return transportation required, but that is because you won’t want to return to the hotel right away. You are in the middle of a vibrant city and this beer tasting session is just the beginning of another fantastic night. Memories will be made on nights like these and if it is a really good night, there will be hours spent discussing it and reliving the highlights – and to be brutally honest reminding some people that they have done. However long you stay in the bar, the night will be one of the best you spend in Riga.


  • 4 Latvian Beers
  • English Speaking Guide
  • Walk to City Center Pub
  • Reserved table
  • Great Atmosphere


2 hours


Riga Old Town

from € 26 per person

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