Riga Beer Bike

If someone told you that they had booked a bike ride as part of the party in Riga you might not be too impressed. If they told you it was a bike ride with a difference and that difference was that you could drink beer all the way round, you might find it a little bit better. Drink, and a bit of exercise so that you feel a little less guilty has all the making of a great day out.

The Riga Beer Bike carried 15 people and you don’t have to pedal for the full hour you are aboard. 10 will pedal while the other 5 can sit back and enjoy a drink. During the hour long ride, each person will have 5 pints. There is a driver who will be staying totally sober, but a bit of an effort needs to be put into the pedalling.

There cannot be a better way to see the beautiful City and find out a lot about the place, than travelling on this bike with an English speaking driver. There is a difference between this trip and others, and that is that you have to get there and back by yourself.


  • 5 Beers Per Person
  • English Speaking Driver
  • 1 Hr Beer Bike Hire
  • English Speaking Guide


1 hour


Dont Have to Be sober


Riga City Centre And Old Town

from € 25 per person

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