Riga Beer Bike

If someone told you that they had booked a bike ride as part of the party in Riga you might not be too impressed. If they told you it was a bike ride with a difference and that difference was that you could drink beer all the way round, you might find it a little bit better. Drink and a bit of exercise so that you feel a little less guilty has all the making of a great day out.

The Riga Beer Bike can carry up to 15 persons and you don’t have to pedal for the full hour you are onboard. 12 will pedal while the other 3 can sit back and enjoy a drink. During the hour long ride, each person will have up to 5 pints. There is a driver who will be staying totally sober, but a bit of an effort needs to be put into the pedalling.

There cannot be a better way to see the beautiful Riga than travelling on this bike with an English speaking driver. There is a difference between this trip and others, and that is that you have to get there and back by yourself.


  • 5 Beers Per Person
  • English Speaking Driver
  • 1 Hr Beer Bike Hire
  • English Speaking Guide


1 hour


Don't have to be sober


Riga City Centre And Old Town

from € 25 per person

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