Pan Car Rally

There is no time to waste! Your much awaited weekend in Riga with friends is coming closer and closer and you haven’t completed your list of things to do in the city just yet. Now is the time to pick out activities in Riga that will make your trip exceptionally unforgettable and we know just the activity to make that a reality.

If you and your friends are fans of the Amazing Race, then you’re going want to book the Pan Car Rally experience! The Pan Car Rally is one of the most popular activities in Riga that tourists and locals alike love signing up for and we’re here to tell you why.

The Pan Car Rally can only happen if there are at least 10 of you in your group. We’re sure that your weekend in Riga with friends is a grand event so this shouldn’t be a problem. Each of you will get to choose a partner and will then be assigned one Pan Car per team. The tiny cars are great for races like this and they’re designed to grab attention!

Throughout the Pan Car Rally, you and your friends will be made to carry out tasks and challenges. You have to beat everyone to it or else you lose your spot at the very prestigious podium.

The Pan Car Rally has a set of tasks and challenges prepared but you can always have your ideas taken into consideration to make your weekend in Riga the absolute best it can be!


  • English Speaking Guide
  • Return Transfers
  • Pan car hire
  • Fuel included
  • Plan of the hunt with tasks
  • Prize for the first 3 teams


3 hours


Driver licence must be present prior the activity




All year

from € 99 per person

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