Jurmala Sightseeing

While Riga is known to be a location that is ideal for adventurous activities during the day and wild parties at night, there is also a peaceful and relaxing side to it. You can find out just how Latvians like to relax by planning a Sightseeing Tour. If you have taken some part in adrenaline raising events then this will be an ideal way to get yourself back into relaxation mode and ready for the final part of the holiday or a weekend away.

Once 8 of you have booked, you will be ready to start the 5 hour journey. Allowing for traffic you will get between 3 and 4 hours on the beach and Jurmala Town and that will be plenty of time to calm down, and watch the architechture and beautiful people walk by. You will have a guide who takes you to and from the Jurmala and this is a trip that can be booked throughout the year. Once you have finished watching the girls, you can take a dip in the amazing sea before heading back to the city.


  • Return Transfers
  • English Speaking Driver
  • 3 hours at Jurmala Beach
  • English speaking guide


5 Hours


Bring Sunglasses


Jurmala. 25 km Out Of RIga.

from € 27 per person

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