Indoor Go-Karting

Not quite the wind in your hair, but if you do this properly, all your friends will feel is a blast of wind as you speed past them on the track. The 20 minutes you spend zooming round the track will be time well spent and will really give you a chance to tone up your driving skills when going at speed. Only the bravest of friends will agree to take part in this challenge as no one is going to want to walk away a loser. It is at times like this that you can really work out which of your friends has a competitive streak.

Bets can be laid and boasts made while you are being driven to the track, and on the drive home, plenty of time for the winner to gloat and the gallant or not so gallant losers can eat humble pie. This makes a great event to start of a fun filled day in Riga, and once you have spent three hours there, there is still time to find a great place for something to eat and drink.  The event is available all your round, and as long as there are 6 of you, you can book. You are provided with a guide to help with anything you may find hard to understand.


  • Return Transfers
  • English Speaking Driver
  • 20 min on Track
  • English Speaking Guide
  • All Equipement


2 hrs



from € 45 per person

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