Electric Shock Football

Need a laugh for the upcoming weekend in Riga with friends? Electric Shock Football is the answer! With small shock devices strapped to your legs, you won’t be able to keep a straight face on such as this.

Make sure to come in your athletic attire because this game of Electric Shock Football is about to get rough! You’re going to need to warm up and get ready because you will all literally be on the ground rolling from laughter. The thing about Electric Shock Football is that none of you will know when you’ll get shocked! Someone else will be in control of that and you might have a few minutes of regular play and all of a sudden when the ball is with you and you’re about to score, you get shocked and you’re down on the ground.

The surprise element is what makes Electric Shock Football so much more fun than your regular football game! Booking a game of Electric Shock Football for your much awaited weekend in Riga with friends could very well be the best thing you’ve ever done.

See and experience more than just the wild and famous Riga night life when you book activities in Riga like Electric Shock Football!


  • 1 hour pitch hire
  • All equipment
  • English Speaking Guide
  • Return Transfers


2 hours




All Year

from € 34 per person

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