Drift Karting

Don’t think for a second that you can leave your upcoming weekend in Riga up to chance. You can’t expect your weekend in Riga with friends to just fall into place without doing some careful planning. As much as it is exciting to travel and have a Riga party weekend, things don’t happen just because you want them to. You’re young and there are things you need to learn about planning a day in Riga and we’re here to help!

We can help you pick out activities in Riga that will make your trip worthwhile. Some guidelines in planning a successful weekend in Riga is choosing things to do that you won’t get to do on a regular basis back at home and something you know everyone can potentially enjoy.

One of the activities in Riga that no one can begin to hate is Drift Karting. It doesn’t even matter if your group of friends is a mix of boys and girls. You have to understand that girls love driving activities just as much as guys do! The thing is, they love things like Drift Karting even more because there aren’t any rules and no one can tell them they suck at driving.

So, if you want a weekend in Riga that everyone coming will surely have fun doing, you have to make sure to book Drift Karting. Maneuver through the slippery race track and drift your way past sharp corners all the way to the finish line.


  • Instructions
  • Track and kart hire
  • 10 min on Track
  • All equipement
  • English Speaking Guide
  • Return Transfers


2 hours


Riga City Centre


All Year

from € 38 per person

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