Baltic Bees

You and your friends are planning to spend the night in Riga and you want it to be more than just worthwhile. Your upcoming weekend in Riga with friends simply cannot be a bore or a disappointment. You’re coming to the city to try out some of the exciting activities in Riga and you have high expectations. That’s perfectly normal and we understand that. So, we’re here to make sure that your weekend in Riga goes more than just well.

For a Riga party weekend, you’re going to need some really amazing things to do during the day to make sure your night in Riga is filled with stories pumped with excitement! Without anything cool to talk about, your Riga party weekend will be all about blacking out from drinking and not having anything to look back on and that’s a mistake we’re not letting you make.

So, you have to spend your weekend in Riga doing things you will never forget like riding a jet! Riding jets on your weekend in Riga with friends is made possible by the Baltic Bees.

The Baltic Bees is a company that lets civilians like you ride jets high up in the sky. Find out what it feels like to be in a high speed jet, doing loops in the sky, just like the ones you see on all those famous action movies.

For an unforgettable weekend in Riga with friends, book a day with the Baltic Bees and soar through the sky.


  • 20 min flight
  • Safety instructions
  • Professional pilot
  • Return Transfers
  • English Speaking Guide


3.5 hours


65 km Out Of Riga


All Year

from € 2300 per person

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