Archery In Riga

For anyone who has ever watched a Robin Hood film, there will be a quiet envy of the way in which he and his merry men were able to shoot their bow and arrows. Now you can see just how good you are, and find out if you would be able to survive in the olden days. Along with 7 of your friends you will be collected from the hotel and taken to the range to begin the activity. It will take around an hour for you all to display your skills, and encourage or deride each other depending upon the nature of the shot.

Once there you get the use of a modern bow and arrow and the chance to take 24 shots. The competitive nature of you and your friends is bound to take over and everyone will want to get the highest score. Once one of you is declared the winner, you will be whisked away to your hotel where you need to decide where to go to celebrate the victors display. The excitement of seeing the arrow hit the target – especially if it is near the bulls eye, will remain with you throughout the time you stay in Riga.



  • 24 Shots
  • Experiences Instructor
  • Guide


1 hour


Riga City Centre

from € 34 per person

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