Riga Segway Tour

This is the perfect opportunity to enjoy and take in the beauty of Riga’s urban sceneries without suffering from tired legs due to hours and hours of walking. The Segway Hire will allow you to have a more pleasant time while touring the city without worrying about getting exhausted and worn out for your upcoming Riga night tour. 

There are plenty of things to enjoy when you visit Riga due to the wide cultural diversity of this region and the countless options of fantastic places to visit. That is why for this reason alone, a Segway hire is the most ideal choice if you want to be able to visit all the wonderful places the city has to offer. A lot of visitors often come back to this amazing city to enjoy once again the sights and interesting attractions filled with history, character, and rightly fused with the modernity of the present time. 

Touring the city in your Segway is worth including in your weekend itinerary because the wonderful city of Riga never stops in mesmerizing visitors with its wonderful architecture and abundant history and culture. You can also enjoy an incredible Segway ride when you visit some of the tourist spots that are not your typical city sights where you can fully enjoy the surprisingly mesmerizing attraction of the other side of Riga. You can also make full advantage of your Riga Segway Tour by visiting some of the most popular places that is way off the regular touring grid.


  • Segway Hire for 1 Hour
  • Safety Instructions
  • Return Transfers
  • English Speaking Guide
  • Great Atmosphere


1 hour


Riga City Centre And Old Town

from € 54 per person

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