In the whole world you can sit in a small train and ride through the scary rooms and close your eyes when you feel too scared. Here THIS WILL NOT WORK.

If you want to measure or challenge your courage, this is one of the best place . Its like an old factory warehouse , which has been converted to a haunted house specially to scare you. There are many levels in this house including elevators , sounds, ghosts etc to designed to keep all your senses active and help you in developing trust between ppl. There would be 3-4 ppl dressed as ghosts/zombies etc who would chase you where ever you go. Always be alert at all times and be careful with each and every step ! The full tour at a moderate speed would take about 1 hour.

These guys have spent about 10 years exploring human fear and gathering ideas to open this attraction where you actually become a part of the show.


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1.5 hours


Not For The Faint Hearted


Riga City Cener


All Year

from € 30 per person

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